10 things that make me happy

What make you happy? Here are 10 things that make me happy. In no particular order (except the first one defo makes me the most happy).

Pops and R –

These two are hard work but so loving and nothing else in the world can make me as happy as they do.

Family and Friends –

Another obvious one but spending time with my family and friends makes me happy. Being away from family really makes you appreciate seeing them and I wouldn’t get through the week without my friends, they’re good eggs.

Feeling productive –

I’m usually not very productive so when I feel like i’ve been productive it puts me in a really good mood. It gives me the motivation to keep going too.

My blog –

It can be overwhelming at times and I often feel like it’s not good enough but I love this space i’ve created, the people i’ve helped and the other bloggers i’ve met along the way. I’m so excited for the feature of Are Pops. Sign up to join us on our journey.


Watching Youtube –

I’m seriously obsessed with Youtube. I hardly ever watch ‘real’ TV now. If you know of any good Youtubers (other than us) then let me know!

Music –

I love putting on the radio while i’m tidying up and miss being able to switch off with headphones on.


I don’t get the chance to read much, if anything now but when I do I love it. I find it hard to find books I can really get into but when I do.. I DO!

Going on adventures –

MM works Monday to Friday so on the weekends we usually get out and go explore. We love finding new and exciting places.

The theatre –

Going to the theatre is one of my favourite things to do. I love going to see shows (mostly musical) It always fills me with pride, especially if they’re kids. I ALWAYS cry at the end.. Please tell me that i’m not alone doing this? It’s such an incredible thing to watch and experience and I would recommend it to anyone. It makes me happy that Pops loves the theatre too!


A good nights sleep makes me happy… and less snappy!

Let me know what makes you most happy!

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.

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