A Christmas tag – questions and answers of all things Christmas.

The lovely Laura from Autumn’s Mummy has tagged me in The Christmas tag. She’s given me 5 questions to answer all about our Christmas. Go check out Laura’s post to see what she had to answer and more about what her family does at Christmas time.

What are your Christmas traditions?
Our main tradition is new pjs for Christmas Eve but we have loads of little things we just happen to do, one of them being Pops putting the star on the tree (which may change when baby 2 comes) I’m sure as Pops gets older and as our family grows we will have many more.

Do you stick to your normal breakfast or have something different?
My family were never the roast for lunch type and that was no different on Christmas, I grew up having a fairly late Christmas dinner and a fry up for breakfast so it’s what we do in our house too. MM and Pops love smoked salmon bagels so they will probably be having that this year.

Do you have presents before or after Christmas dinner?

We open gifts in the morning but depending on how Pops is usually hold a few back for later in the day. Unwrapping gifts can be a little overwhelming especially when they’re really little.

How does Santa get into your house?
Down the chimney! If you don’t have a chimney, he makes one. He is magic after all. I don’t get the whole key thing.

Do you do elf on the shelf? If so, what has been your favourite set up so far this year?

This is the first year we’ve proper done Elf on the shelf and Pops has been old enough to understand a lot of it which has been amazing… although she’s not the biggest fan of her. I did a post on 12 simple ideas for elf on the shelf if you’re stuck for ideas!

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Don’t forget to let me know you’re answers to these questions in the comments below.


Until the next post,

Are and Pops.

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