A New Mum’s Guide To Getting More Sleep

A New Mum’s Guide To Getting More Sleep is a collaborative post.

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Sleep-deprivation and motherhood don’t have to go hand-in-hand. 

While you have to expect some disruption in your life – your newborn will sleep for shorter periods than you do – it is still possible to get some shut-eye, despite having a little one in your life who will seem to have more energy than you do.

So, fear not if you’re currently bleary-eyed and running on caffeine. Here are some suggestions which we hope will be useful to you.

#1: Catch the occasional nap

Napping on a regular basis isn’t good for your own sleep-cycle, so don’t overindulge yourself in this way. However, getting an hours shut-eye when your baby is asleep is a good idea, especially if you haven’t slept in quite a while. So, instead of focussing on your household chores when your baby is asleep, and instead of catching up with your Netflix watchlist, take the time to sleep, as a short power nap will give you that burst of energy you so desperately need.

#2: Sleep alongside your baby at night

We aren’t suggesting bringing your baby into bed with you. Rather, consider a bedside crib like the Summer Infant By Your Bed Sleeper that we discussed in a previous post, and attach it to your bed. This way, if your baby wakes up in the night, you won’t have to bring yourself to full wakefulness by stepping onto your cold floor and into their bedroom. Instead, you will have the opportunity to quickly rock your baby to sleep again or give them a quick feed if that is what they are after. You should then be able to drift off to sleep quickly yourself. Having your baby sleeping next to you is also a good idea if you’re a worrier, as you won’t have to check on baby at regular intervals if you hear strange sounds on their baby monitor. 

#3: Find ways to get to sleep quicker

Your baby isn’t the only instigator of sleeplessness. After giving birth, your hormones will be all over the place, and this in itself can lead to poor-quality sleep, even when you’re feeling tired. If you relate to this, then look for ways to improve your chances of sleep. So, you might take a warm and relaxing bath before hitting the pillow, as you will lull your mind and body into a restful state. You could try a cbd serum too, as this is a proven way to combat problems with sleeplessness. Or you might use a sound machine to drown out excessive noise and to calm your senses, or you could use an app on your phone that plays relaxing sounds to induce you into sleep. 

#4: Get your baby to sleep through the night

This is easier said than done, we know, but it is possible. It’s about creating routines to get your baby into the habit of going to sleep at night, instead of giving them full rein to sleep through the day. We aren’t going to go into detail, as you can read more on this and other bedtime solutions here.  Read the linked article and pick up as many tips as you can, and then look for other night-time sleeping solutions online if you need them.


Fret not if you are struggling to sleep as, after a few months, life will start to get easier for you. Still, try our suggestions, as you might be able to catch up on your sleep sooner rather than later.

Let us know your thoughts, and please share your ideas with us too!

Until the next post.

A New Mum’s Guide To Getting More Sleep is a collaborative post.

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