A night in with Moonpig. Gin, Flowers and the Moonpig app.

This was a gifted event (by Moonpig) for the Moonpig app, all opinions are our own.

Moonpig invited me to an event, not quite your usual event but a lockdown friendly Zoom call event. At first the idea seemed weird but also exciting, something other than the usual stressful night time routine. I was totally up for it. They send us all the bits we would need to have to go with the night including a bunch of flowers and cocktail stuff to learn how to make our own GIN cocktails. I won’t lie.. I opened the boxes and was really excited by all the bits but gutted we were making gin cocktails. I’ve never been a lover of gin… spoiler alert… I now am!

First thing we did during the event was go through the Moonpig app

The Moonpig app is available on both Android and IOS but if you’re on IOS you definitely have some amazing features that Android don’t YET (they’re looking into it). You can view the card in AR and even add handwritten messages which look amazing when uploaded.

They went through the other features of the Moonpig app like the reminder calendar, which would be amazing for me. If you know me or have ever recieved a card from me you wouldn’t be shocked to hear I am usually late or completely forget to send them altogether. That is purely because I have the worst memory and not being I wasn’t thinking of you. 9/10 I will have the card written on the kitchen side ready to be posted. If you struggle to write things in cards then the app can help by providing you with suggestions. Both the reminder and suggestions are available on both IOS and Android.

After we finished going through the Moonpig app we moved onto the cocktail part of the evening with James from Mix and Twist. Like I said, I wasn’t a big fan of gin but the cocktails we learnt were AMAZING.

Gin garden – Probably my favourite, it was so refreshing and reminded me of a mojito.

Elderflower collins – Nice and really easy to make!

Strawberry gimlet – absolutely delicious but such a faff to get out of the shaker.

What is your favourite gin cocktail?

I’ve definitely made a few more cocktails since the event and would highly recommend the online masterclass, even after lockdown!

moonpig app flowers

We ended the night learning to arrange flowers, I can’t say I’m the best but I definitely learned some tips and tricks along the way. When you order flowers from Moonpig they come with a little care booklet which helps loads.

Since the event i’ve been on the Moonpig app loads and sent off a card to my nephew, they always have a deal on there which is amazing. I got 50% off the card when I sent it and because you can sent up the date the card is to be sent you could take advantage of the discount and order a few while its on.

Until the next post.

Thankyou to Moonpig for inviting me along to the event and to Mix and Twist for getting me into gin!

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