How to add colour to your garden during the winter?

I’ve always wanted a garden, I assumed it would be full of flowers and lush green grass – that couldn’t be further from the reality that is our garden.

Fully decked with an eyesore of a shed (that isn’t even waterproof) It’s certainly not somewhere we enjoy going… especially in the winter.


How do you add colour to the garden in winter?


You could start by adding some new, bright and fresh furniture- that always helps make the place look better.

If you wasn’t looking to invest money in the new furniture for the garden then there are plenty of cheaper alternatives.


Birds need food and warmth more than ever in the winter so by adding a birdhouse or feeder (which could be painted colourful or left plain) will not only add to your garden but it will help the birds too!

Whether you have pots or a bed for your flowers there are plenty of plants you can have in your garden that will add colour through the winter. If you’re anything like me however (and have no green thumbs) then a the best way to get colour / add a bit extra into your garden is artificial shrubs and greenery. They will go with almost everything and the best thing? They can’t die!


If you want to read more tips and check out the best types of flowers to include in your winter garden then take a look at



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