Advent Day 18 – Christmas This or That – What the Redhead said.

Each day of December we will have a new blogger telling us this or that. Check out Day 17 if you missed it. Today is day 18 and we have Donna from What the Redhead said.

I’m Donna – a married mum of two living just outside of London. I blog over at What the Redhead said and write about pretty much every part of family life.

Real or fake tree?

We had a real tree for the first couple of years that Dave and I lived together but the needles got everywhere, it took ages to get rid of it after Christmas and it was just an extra expense each year. So, for the last ten years or so we’ve always had fake trees – and invested in a huge pre-lit tree a few years ago.

Christmas pudding or chocolate log?

I have to be in the right mood for Christmas pudding – but could eat chocolate log all the time. Christmas cake would always be my first choice though.

Sprouts or no sprouts?

Sprouts all the way! I love sprouts and would eat them all year round if the rest of the family were willing. I’ve never minded them and think they’re a really valid part of a roast dinner.

Presents in morning or afternoon?

In the morning, definitely. Christmas day for us starts with presents and we have a bit of an interval for breakfast and then more presents as family arrive through the day. Christmas is pretty much all day presents for us but I couldn’t wait until the afternoon.

Santa or Father Christmas?

Father Christmas! Santa is too American for me.

Gingerbread or sugar cookies?

You can’t beat gingerbread – but I love it all the way through the year, not just at Christmas.

Coloured lights or white lights?

White lights – coloured ones remind me of my childhood in a retro, nostalgic kind of way.

Angel or star on top of tree?

Either. I think we have a star at the moment but we’ve had an angel or even a fairy in the past. It’s whatever I can find that goes with the colour scheme!

Hot chocolate or mulled wine?

I’ve never had mulled wine…! Hot chocolate it is then.

How will you be celebrating Christmas?

We’re at home for Christmas and my lovely in laws are coming over. We’ll be in our pyjamas until the late morning, opening presents and eating homemade croissants before getting ready, having Christmas dinner and watching festive TV. I’m really looking forward to it.


Come back tomorrow for DAY 19 and see who our next blogger is!

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