Advent Day 22 – Christmas This or That – Only Teethin’

Each day of December we will have a new blogger telling us this or that. Check out Day 21 if you missed it. Today is day 22 and we have Laura from Only Teethin’.

Hello! I’m Laura, mum to 18-month old Ted and partner of Graham Norton (not that one).

I started my parenting and lifestyle blog Only Teethin’ at the start of the year. Its strapline is ‘style, motherhood, rock ‘n’ roll’ which is a bit tongue-in-cheek – I used to live quite a glamorous life working in London then Sydney, Australia, before moving back to my hometown of Hull. I now spend my days putting packets of rice and tins of beans back in our cupboards, after Ted’s emptied them, and walking up and down slopes in my local park. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Find Laura on Instagram and Twitter.

Real or fake tree?

Fake. I’d love a real tree but we weren’t sure what Ted would make of Christmas trees in general this year, so a fake one was less of a gamble. It’s stayed mostly intact, surprisingly.

Christmas pudding or chocolate log?

Pudding, although who has room for either? I think if you’ve got room for dessert immediately after your dinner then you’ve done it all wrong, and you need to go back for some extra roast potatoes.

Sprouts or no sprouts?

Sprouts. I’m not sure that I even like them but eat them anyway. Only on Christmas Day though, obviously.

Presnts in morning or afternoon?

Preferably throughout the day, if that’s not too greedy. We’ll open some at home first thing in the morning (not too early, please Ted) and then do another round when we see the rest of the family, usually before dinner.

Santa or Father Christmas?

Father Christmas all the way. Anyone who says ‘Santa’ should move to America and have done with it!

Ginger bread or sugar cookies?

Neither. Although I love a biscuit selection tin that you get at Christmas, and I usually eat the whole thing over the course of a few days because Graham’s not really got a sweet tooth. Nothing fancy, I like a cheap Family Circle one.

Coloured lights or white lights?

White. Although in a few years I might decide to go all out with singing house decorations etc, because why not?

Angel or star on top of tree


Hot chocolate or mulled wine?

It used to always be mulled wine but I’ve cut down on booze this year (which I’ve written about on my blog, if anyone’s interested) so hot chocolate, with cream and marshmallows.

How will you be celebrating Christmas? 

We’ll no doubt have a very early start, that will include lots of present-opening and tea-drinking and biscuit-eating. I’m looking forward to Ted opening his presents, as he’s obviously a bit more aware of what’s going on this year.

We’ll then visit some family before going to my sister and brother-in-law’s for dinner. Each year we take it in turns to cook dinner, between my parents, my sister and us; luckily we’ve had a couple of years off since having Ted. It’s always nice not to have to worry about buying enough food, or to have to deal with the washing-up.

We always have the best intentions to play games after dinner, and create some kind of entertainment, but usually everyone just crashes out and waits for the Strictly Christmas special.

Then we’ll head home and put Ted to bed and probably end up snoozing ourselves not long afterwards. See, rock ‘n’ roll!

Come back tomorrow for DAY 23 and see who our next blogger is!

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