Advent Day 24 – Christmas This or That – Kelly Allen Writer

Each day of December we will have a new blogger telling us this or that. Check out Day 23 if you missed it. Today is day 24 (Christmas EVE!) and we have Kelly Allen from Kelly Allen Writer.

My blog is KellyAllenWriter and I write about home education, arts, culture and travel.

Real or fake tree?

Real in a pot! No dead trees here x

Christmas pudding or chocolate log?

Vegan chocolate log?

Sprouts or no sprouts?

Always with the sprouts! I like to boil then fry…

Presents in morning or afternoon ?

All day long. That’s my wish, but I think I’d have to go for morning if I have to choose.

Santa or Father Christmas?

Both, but I think we use Santa more.

Ginger bread or sugar cookies?

Arghh both!

Coloured lights or white lights?

Oh coloured! So festive

Angel or star on top of tree?

Star, mostly because I’m not religious. But I just love the look of a star!!

Hot chocolate or mulled wine?

Both again. Although I could drink more mulled wine than hot chocolate.

How will you be celebrating Christmas?

With my family and dog haha! We’re just gonna cook, eat and chill. The best kinda Christmas!

Tomorrow is Christmas Day and our last day of advent!

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