Advent Day 4 – Christmas This or That – Yorkshire Mum of 4.

Each day of December we will have a new blogger telling us this or that. Check out Day 3 if you missed it. Today is day 4 and we have Gemma from Yorkshire Mum of 4.

I am Gemma, mum of 4, trainee accountant and Business Management Graduate. I blog about life in general including modelling, gaming, parenting and also business things. Pretty much anything I want to blog about. Yorkshiremumof4 is where you will find me. Instagram and Twitter @yorkshiremumof4 as well.

Real or fake tree?

Fake tree because I haven’t got the time to clean up after a real tree although they do look pretty. And I have had a baby or toddler for the last 10 years so feel they would have destroyed it.

Christmas pudding or chocolate log?

Chocolate log as I am not keen on fruit.

Sprouts or no sprouts?

No sprouts as I am not overly keen on veg. Carrots and peas are enough vegetables for me.

Presents in morning or afternoon?

Presents in morning obviously. I wake up, eat some chocolate, have a cup of tea and then open all presents. I love a room where I can’t see the floor for wrapping paper.

Santa or Father Christmas?

Santa because that is what we call him to the kids.

Ginger bread or sugar cookies?

Sugar cookies because I am not that keen on ginger. I love cookies.

Coloured lights or white lights?

Coloured lights because I love a bit of cheap tak. I haven’t got the effort required for making a nice Christmas scene with the white lights.

Angel or star on top of tree?

Angel on the top of the tree because they look pretty.

Hot chocolate or mulled wine?

Hot chocolate because I love a nice cup of hot chocolate or essentially anything chocolate.

How will you be celebrating Christmas?

I will be celebrating Xmas with the kids at home as usual, but I do hope to go abroad next year and stay in a private villa with pool just for a change. We couldn’t afford it this year due to house renovations. The normal procedure goes wake up super early, open presents, eat chocolate and then have lunch about 1pm. Usually bored by about 3pm so we may go for a walk for a change. Then we pig out most of the day, a few family members will visit for a while and we play quiz games and then the day is over.

Come back tomorrow for DAY 5 and see who our next blogger is!

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