Advent Day 5 – Christmas This or That – Mumma Scribbles.

Each day of December we will have a new blogger telling us this or that. Check out Day 4 if you missed it. Today is day 5 and we have Lisa from Mumma Scribbles.

mumma scribbles

I’m Lisa, I love in Hertfordshire with my fiancee Dean, our two boys Zachary (6) and Oscar (2), our cat Milo, Magic the rabbit and some tropical fish!

I blog over at where I write about all things parenting, but also bring an aspect of trying to help busy mums to juggle all those balls. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Real or fake tree?

I have to say cake because that’s what we’ve always had. Although I do love the idea of a real one!

Christmas pudding or chocolate log?

Chocolate log. I hate Christmas pud!

Sprouts or no sprouts?

Defo no sprouts.

Presents in morning or afternoon?

I like both. We always had a selection in the morning and then some after dinner. It lengthened the day out a bit. At the moment though, the boys obvs have no patience and open it all in one go!

Santa or Father Christmas?

Oh I call him both, but I probably use Santa more.

Ginger bread or sugar cookies?

Ooo ginger bread with a nice cuppa!

Coloured lights or white lights?

Coloured lights – as long as they aren’t multicoloured!

Angel or star on top of tree?


Hot chocolate or mulled wine?

Hot chocolate

How will you be celebrating Christmas?

It’s the other half’s family’s turn this year on Christmas day so we’ll probably have them to us for a nice big turkey dinner!

mumma scribbles

Come back tomorrow for DAY 6 and see who our next blogger is!

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