Advent Day 8 – Christmas This or That – A Rose Tinted World.

Each day of December we will have a new blogger telling us this or that. Check out Day 7 if you missed it. Today is day 8 and we have Jo from A Rose Tinted World.

I’m Jo, I’m a 46 year old mum to an almost 3 year old and we live in Leeds. I started blogging in July at . I blog about parenting stuff, sewing, crafts and our adventures out and about. I also cover  some weight and mental health issues.
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Real or fake tree?

Real – though with a baby/toddler for the last couple of years we’ve gone down the fake route – too much mess to be had with a real tree! We may or may not go real again this year…

Christmas pudding or chocolate log?

Chocolate Log – My brother doesn’t eat raisins so I always make a special Chocolate Christmas Cake

Sprouts or no sprouts?

Sprouts! Hey, is it Christmas if you cannot blame your wind on the tiny cabbages?

Presents in morning or afternoon?

With 2 toddlers in the house we tend to have presents all day as they play with things in-between. Last year we were still opening things at 7pm!

Santa or Father Christmas?

Santa – easier for two 3 year olds to say. Not sure if we will be paying a visit to him in the run-up though, our almost 3 year old isn’t fond of people dressed up.

Ginger bread or sugar cookies?

Mmmmm-  definitely ginger bread. I’ve actually been bought some excellent zombie gingerbread men cutters, so may get those out! And one year I made a very passable gingerbread house. Would be even better with zombies!

Coloured lights or white lights?

Coloured lights that flash manically.

Angel or star on top of tree?

Star.  Though I am sure that in the Future we will have a doll that gets made into a tree decoration.

Hot chocolate or mulled wine?

Mulled wine – any excuse. And fortified with Port. Or Rum. Tis the season to be jolly and all that!

How will you be celebrating Christmas?

Myself and my brother take it in turns to host Christmas. This year it is my brothers turn to host, so we will be trekking over to his. We will open our immediate family presents at home, then get to his around noon. Our Mum and Aunt will also come round, so there will be 6 adults and two 3 year olds. We will have lunch about 3pm or so. And it is just a day to chill out and watch the girls play together with their toys.

Come back tomorrow for DAY 9 and see who our next blogger is!

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