An open letter to the MAM worker at the baby show.

An open letter to the MAM worker at the baby show.

An open letter to the MAM worker at the baby show

I’m so happy for you that your breast feeding experience was nothing but good. That isn’t the case for all women.

While I know breast feeding is not painful for everyone I also know how it feels to feel alone and unsupported while going through a tough time trying to feed your baby. Poor milk supply. Terrible pain. Infection. The list goes on.

You told my pregnant friend that its the most amazing experience and it doesn’t hurt and while I admit the good times are amazing and such a beautiful bond – you’re not guaranteed to have good times. Say that was a woman who was having a baby with no support or experience around her? Say she struggles? She will remember your words and think its her. Think she isn’t good enough.

I felt that and I don’t think anyone should.

Yes, breastfeeding can be an amazing experience but it can also be draining and painful and we should tell people that so IF or WHEN it happens they don’t feel alone or like a failure.

You work for a company that sells things to mums/ pregnant women so you should be more aware of your words. Use them to help and support people not just to get a sale.


Until the next post,

Are and pops.

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  1. Louise Crocker
    March 11, 2017 / 5:05 am

    I can completely relate to what you are saying. I’ve had people talk to me about how wonderful breastfeeding is and not really understand that so outs just that easy

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