Back to school essentials for parents (primary).

We all know that back to school can be a daunting time for our little ones. New class, new people and more than likely harder work and goals to achieve. All that comes with the back to school usuals of new uniform and stationery… amongst the other things they need. We forget just how much work it takes to go back to school and who actually has to do that work? Us parents. What are the back to school essentials for parents?

Back to school essentials for parents

So what exactly do us parents need when it comes to back to school preparation?


Kids bring a load of things home from school and there’s really not a huge amount of space on the fridge… plus not everything is ‘fridge worthy’ if you know what I mean so by having a folder to hand you can keep everything safe and out of the way. Pop your child’s name and the school year on it for easy organisation.

Birthday box

In lower / primary school birthdays are usually a class thing so your little one will most likely (if not, you’re lucky) be invited to a fair few parties over the space of the year… some of the kids you may not even know that well. A birthday box is a great way to have cards and presents to hand and by buying gifts in the sales you can stock the box with great gifts at a fraction of the price!

A diary

There are so many things to remember. Birthday parties, school assembly, dress up days and many more. At the beginning of the school year go through your schools important dates and pop them all in your diary or on the calendar so you’re never caught off guard.

More back to school essentials for parents

A jar / pot of small change

Children in need
Odd socks day
World book day
Red nose day
The list goes on and on. There are SO many charity days or little school events that require your little one to take some money into school. Keep a little pot of change in the house so you don’t have to make a mad dash to the cash point before school.

A quick go-to outfit

Even though my kids wake up SO early I still find myself rushing around come school time. I’m sure I’m not alone in this? Have a quick go-to outfit that you can chuck on in a rush that looks nice but doesn’t take much effort. Mines usually a dress and leggings.


The most important back to school essentials for parents thing you will need to get you through the school year. Getting your kids to get dressed in the morning, walk to school and even to do their homework. You’ll be repeating yourself constantly and as frustrating as it is, it’s normal.

Back to school essentials for parents

Can you think of any back to school essentials for parents?

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Until the next post.

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