Best gifts for 5 year olds – 5 year old gift guide.

Do you ever come close to your little ones birthday and find yourself searching things like ‘Best gifts for 5 year olds?’ Well, you must do and that’s why you’re here.

This post contains some gifted and some affiliate links.

There’s so much choice out there that even our children get overwhelmed so what hope do we have?

When i’m sitting with Pops and the kids channels are on i’m inundated with ‘ I want that ‘ – Can you relate? It makes it so hard because which of the 100s of things is something she really does want? She can’t have all of it so it’s up to me to narrow it down.

So what are the best gifts for 5 year olds?

Lego –

Such an easy option and can be bought to suit specific tastes. From Disney to NASA, there’s something for all personalities. Plus, I don’t find lego that boring of a toy to play with so it’s win win… Just make sure you get your kids to tidy up after they play with them so you don’t end up setting on them!

LOL Dolls –

Such a popular toy amongst Pops and her other girl friends, they have even brought out little boy ones. Not the cheapest of the surprise toys but it definitely has been more used than others in our house. I think because it’s an actual doll rather then a little random thing it helps.

Books –

Can you ever have enough books? At this age your little one will probably be learning to read so getting them some easy age related books would be really useful. Some nights I find Pops isn’t tired at bedtime so she takes books to bed, having some she could read herself would mean she’s learning as well as keeping herself occupied.

Games / Puzzles –

When it comes to games and puzzles I can’t recommend Orchard Toys enough. They have been a firm favourite of ours since Pops was about 1 and first starting to play with puzzles. I love the bright colours, quality and way they allow your child to learn without them even knowing. They are a great way to get in some family time too.

Those things they ask for time and time again –

We all knows those toys, the messy or noisy ones the kids ask for a few times and we kind of hope they will forget about it because we know the mess it’s going to make. As much as you want to ensure your little ones get presents they will use and not just clutter the house with it’s important to remember it’s their birthday and their choice too and allowing them to explore their own personality and likes is important. That doesn’t mean you can’t sway them a little.

Days out –

I think the most important present you can give your little one is your presence and we’re all guilty (me, most definitely) of not having enough time to play or being snappy because you’ve got work to do and they’re under your feet. A day out is an amazing gift because it could be as simple as a day in the park with a picnic or as extravagant as a weekend away to Paris. As long as you’re all happy and spending time together that’s all that matters.

Some other things your 5 year old may love –

What do you think are the Best gifts for 5 year olds?

Until the next post.

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