Breastfeeding in Jade’s words.

Whether your breastfeeding journey is just beginning or 10 years in we all have different experiences. In this series I will be sharing journeys and experiences from a range of people who have breastfed or are currently breastfeeding their littles.

I’m Jade, a mum to two. I help parents plan stress-free Disneyland Paris holidays to make magical memories that last a lifetime. I first took my girls to Disney at just 6 weeks old and almost 2 years. It was an exciting but nerve wracking experience as I didn’t even know breastfeeding law over there at them time. I came home and decided to share my story to help others make magical trips.

Has your breastfeeding experience been positive?

Yes it really had. I had a few struggles with things like tongue tie, teeth changing etc, but I’ve always found people to be supportive around me. I have amazing support from my partner and my sister and as she started breastfeeding just before me, I always had someone around who could keep me going!

How long did you breastfeed for? Did you plan on feeding that long?

I’m still breastfeeding. Tandem too. My children and now 4 and 6 years old, we only really feed at the morning and at night now, but it’s still great to have this special bond.I didn’t plan on breastfeeding this long, actually as a trained nursery nurse I didn’t plan to breastfeed at all, I knew the bottles and formula I would use, had the bottles at home, but then when I read the facts on breastfeeding, it just made sense to try. It was hard not to give up, but I had to keep going to give them the best.

After all that fighting, natural weaning just made sense, how could I put an age limit on something that just keeps giving?

Did you have support from health professionals?

Not really, they were about, but not very helpful.

When I was in hospital in labour with my youngest, I was breastfeeding my eldest (she was only 20 months at the time), the doctors and midwives told me I couldn’t breastfeed both, I just wouldn’t make enough milk. Fortunately by that point I was a peer supporter and told them otherwise! I was teaching them all about the wonderful world of breastfeeding in between my contractions.

After my youngest was born, she had a tongue tie. It took 18 months for them to recognise it and by that point that wouldn’t cut it. It’s been really painful over the 4 years and I’m so sad I wasn’t supported in getting it snipped!

Did you have support / help from family/ partner / friends?

Yes, they were all so amazing. Not everyone agreed, but they would support my choice and that’s what mattered.

What was the best breastfeeding advice you were given?

Don’t give up at night! Things always seam better in the morning, the middle of the night is hard and it’s a really easy time to just give up and grab a bottle. Push on until the morning, if you feel the same you can switch to something else.

What is something you wish you were told about breastfeeding before you began?

It makes you sleepy too! Don’t sit up in bed, use a chair or lay down and feed. I woke up once and my eldest (then 2 weeks) was missing. I had feel asleep while feeding her and she had rolled down the bed! It was so scary and I wish I’d have know that laying down to feed was safer.

Did / have you ever experience negative comments whilst feeding? Was you worried you would before you started?

Not really. Me and my sister sat breastfeeding on the outside of a coffee shop once while our hot chocolates were cooling. The two men the other side of the glass got up and walked to a new table, they never said anything though.

What was your favourite thing about breastfeeding your baby?

Watching them both hold hands as they fed and their eyes rolled back. Seeing them share those precious quiet moments together is something I will cherish forever.

What kept you going on the hard days/ nights?

Knowing I had support. In the early days we had a WhatsApp group where we would message each other throughout the night, knowing I wasn’t alone made it a lot easier.

Also, this post really helped me when things got hard. It would help me to have a good cry, remember why I’m doing this and push on until the morning.
As they got older, this was lovely too.

Thank you so much to Jade for taking part, if you would like to take part then please email me Breastfeeding for a month or decade, your journey counts and we’d love to hear from you.

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