Car seat safety – extended rear facing.

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Since Pops was a baby I’ve always wanted to ensure she had the safest car seat possible. We drive a lot and she would always fall asleep during car journeys so comfort was important too. The safest way for your little one to travel is rearward, it adds lots of extra protection and in the case of a crash it gives the neck so much more support stopping unnecessarily injury.

What we use? The Joie Every Stage.

We are big fans of Joie and can rely on their quality so when looking for a car seat that was extended rear facing we chose this one! Rear facing Up to 18kgs, comfortable and padded all around I love how safe and protected Pops is in it. This car seat is suitable for up to 12 years once in the forward facing position too so well worth the money!

When choosing a car seat, even when it says extended rear facing its only ever safe when fitted and used correctly. Never use it on a front seat with an air bag, make sure it is fitted in securely (If you buy your seat in mothercare they will fit and check it for you for free) and if you’re ever in an accident even if it’s minor make sure you replace the seat.


What car seat do you have and why did you choose it?


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Are and Pops.

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