Top 10 Tips for Travelling with a Child with Travel Sickness

I’ve spoke about Pops getting sick when we travel a few times, it isn’t every time we drive but usually on longer journeys.

Travelling with children can be tough, but travelling with sick ones can even be tougher. Also known as motion sickness, travel sickness affects a large percentage of children. This is where the inner ear and the brain sense motion but the joints and the eyes don’t. 

Such imbalance is what results in sweating, dizziness, vomiting and nausea. It is not apparent why motion sickness affects some kids more than others. Above all, make sure to get medical travel insurance for your kids. This will keep you covered in case of an emergency at home and abroad. Here are some top tips to handle kids with travel sickness during trips. 

Children with travel sickness

Position the Kids Right

The seat should be placed where there is clear view of the front window or the surrounding areas. Help the child lean their head against the seat comfortably. Having the child sit still without moving their head and body too much can help control motion sickness. Also, choose a seat where the least amount of motion is felt. 

Snack Travel

First, your kids must never travel on an empty stomach. This can make them more susceptible to travel sickness. The kids should eat something at least an hour before travelling. Small amounts of snacks can settle their stomachs and make them less likely to vomit or feel sick. 

Continue Snacking During Travel

If you are travelling long distances, ensure the kids have something light to eat every hour. The snacks you give should contain low levels of fat and acid. Spicy foods are known to trigger nausea, so be sure to skip them. Too much sugar can also cause nauseating feelings, so stick to bland foods.

Let in Fresh Air

Open the window a little to allow some fresh air flow in to keep the child from excess heat. Ventilation should help your child feel better. If you are on a plane, open the air vents.

Apply Pressure

Firm pressure on the inside wrist may help combat nausea. 

Comfortable Clothing

Dress your children in loose and airy clothes. Such clothing may heighten the feeling of motion sickness. 


Drugs such as meclizine can be used to prevent motion sickness before it starts. Understand that most medicines may make your child sleepy, so always check with your doctor before administering any. 

Encourage them to keep off Books and Movies

Concentrating on a movie or a book when travelling can make motion sickness worse. This is what creates a disconnect between the ability to recognise movement and the outside motion. Instead, encourage them to look out the window. 

Give Ginger as a Beverage

Hydration should be maintained throughout the journey. Liquids such as water or ginger drinks can calm your child’s motion sickness. Ginger has been proven to prevent motion sickness. Whether they drink ginger ale or a blend of ginger, they are less likely to feel sick. 

Distract them with Games

Distractions can help prevent motion sickness. You could play with your child when they feel sick. Also, you could play their favourite music and sing along with them. 

Quick Take-Aways

• First, be sure to reserve your sickly kids a seat where motion is minimal 
• If you are travelling by car, ensure the kids do not take the back seat. Reserve a seat for them at the front or the middle of vans or SUVs
• If using a train, allow them to sit near windows
• If using a ship, reserve a seat that is close to water levels or at the front or middle of the vessel
• When travelling by air, reserve a seat near the wing. Keep off the back seats.

Whether it is a case of bad luck or genetics, motion sickness can make it difficult to take family vacations often. However, many have reported success with the various motion sickness remedies mentioned above.


Do you have any tips for traveling with children with travel sickness?


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