Christmas Food and Drink Gift Ideas 2018

If you’re struggling with what to buy someone this Christmas then food and drink gifts can be a really good idea. If you’re heading to a party and need a gift for the host/hostess or have someone who has everything they want then getting something they can eat or drink is perfect. They may even share some with you!

Alcohol –

If you know someone who likes to try new drinks then a selection box is a great option. This one from Aber Falls (from the Welsh village of Abergwyngregyn) contains 2 flavoured liqueurs and 3 different flavoured gins.

If the person you’re buying for loves whiskey then Angels Nectar have 2 options for you. The First Edition and the Rich Peat Edition.

Barefoot have a large range of wine including this Pinot Grigio sparkling wine for those that like something a bit more bubbly.

Non Alcoholic –

Us breastfeeders / people who don’t drink alcohol want something to have at Christmas that’s a bit fancy so why not these premium sparkling pressés made with Welsh spring water. They have 7 flavours so i’m sure you’ll find one for everyone’s taste.

Spice kits –

If you have someone who loves to cook and experiment with new food and flavours then a gift subscription to The Spice Pioneer will give them all the herbs and spices they need. It comes with a recipe card too so they can recreate it whenever they want.

Vegan hamper –

If you have someone in your life that is Vegan or you are and would prefer to share gifts that are vegan too then why not create a hamper to showcase how amazing vegan food and drink can be? In our DIY hamper we have Seed and Bean chocolate, Kobra beer, Seedless, Rhythm 108, What would you include in your own DIY hamper?

Make your own chocolate –

These kits from Indio Herbs contains all the ingredients you need to make your own chocolate which is vegan.

Scandinavian pack and coffee liquorice –

Are you buying for a home sick Scandinavian? Or someone who loves trying new foods? There’s so many options on ScandiKitchen.

Christmas Caramels –

These Christmas caramels from Fudge Kitchen contain 12 chocolates. There are 6 flavours including sea salt and bakewell tart. They even sell dairy free vegan fudge!

Coffee –

MM and I love coffee and we love to try out new flavours and strengths. If you have someone to buy for like that then why don’t you get a Christmas Gift Pack from Real Deal Roasters. They choose from a list of coffees so what you get will be random.

Sous Chef Kits-

Do you wish you could have a store cupboard with essentials to make your favourite foods? Sous Chef have kits from Chinese to Mexican that contain recipes and ingredients you will need.

Chocolate –

One of my favourite things from New York was going in the Hershey’s store in Times Square. I love Hershey’s and especially Reeces. They come out with some many great Christmas options. I can’t have these because of R’s CMPA but MM will be over the moon! Do you know someone who loves peanut butter and chocolate? If you’re not into peanut butter then Thorntons have some amazing slab options and the dark chocolate orange one doesn’t contain milk (it’s may contain) so I get to enjoy it!

Until the next post,

Are and Pops.

We were sent items to include in the guide, all opinions are our own.

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