Christmas gift ideas for him 2018

MM can be the easiest and hardest to buy for Christmas. He says he never wants anything when in reality there’s so much he wants. He’ll say nothing to be ‘easy’ and if I actually bought him nothing he’d never let me forget it, which actually makes it harder. Is that all men?

*like our for her post all of these are ideas and would work for some and not for others (including women)

Mainline menswear

There’s so much lovely stuff on this site you’ll be sure to find something they like. I’ve said it before but MM will never buy his own clothes and if he does its because its an emergency and he seriously begrudges spending the money. The top looks a completely different colour as it did on the website but it’s still really nice.

Opposuits The Lumberjack

This site has the most amazing suits for men, women and kids! We choose to get the lumberjack one for MM to wear at work during December. I also love the fresh prince ones. It makes me wish I had to wear a suit to work!


DVDS can be such a personalised gift and something really special to received when teamed up with some snacks to have while they watch them. If you have a Godfather fan then this Godfather trilogy box set would be great. I’m not gonna lie, I only thought there was 2 films! For the Mrs Browns Boys fan you can get them the really big box set which includes all the episodes of the first 3 series.

Zippo –

Zippo are such a well known brand when it comes to their lighters that you might not have know they sold other things, well I didn’t. They also sell beautiful wallets and handwarmers! It wouldn’t be a mens gift guide without a wallet would it? I still have purses from years ago that look nearly new and MM’s barely lasts a year. This Zippo wallet looks a lot more sturdy so i’m hoping it holds up.

World Animal Protection Animal Odd Socks

You really can’t do Christmas without socks. Our house is where matching socks come to die so I thought if I can’t beat them i’d join them. Odd socks all match with each other(but aren’t all the same and boring.


If you have someone to buy for who has a Volvo or even just loves cars and driving then take a look at what Volvo has to offer. Great quality but not too obviously ‘car’ and something useful too. I love that the cup has a 360 degree easy drink cap… perfect for long car journeys.


If you know someone who needs to drink more water and needs some reminders then this little ‘puck’ is a great gift idea. Simply drop it into a bottle of water and it tracks your intake via the app. It only works on Apple phones so keep that in mind if you want to get one!

Braun –

MM rarely shaves all his beard off so normal razors are a bit wasted on him. This 9 in 1 head to toe trimming kit has everything you’ll need whether you want to be clean shaven or just neaten up a little.

If you have someone to buy for that likes to be completely clean shaven then the series 9 is great. It can be used wet or dry and can be used for 50 mins with only 5 mins charging! The set comes with a case and charging stand.

Dash Cam –

Next base have a great range of dash cams to suit most budgets. This one is full 1080p and endorsed by the AA.

Watch –

This gameboy watch is a great gift for the gamer or all things 90s lover. It looks exactly like the classic game boy (funny story, when I was little I gave my brother’s game boy a bath because it looked dirty… he wasn’t happy).

Chipolo –

Do you know someone whos always losing (or ‘misplacing’ according to MM) their keys or wallet? Chipolo sell a card and little disc that can be added to keys or inside a wallet (or anything you tend to lose) and pairs with an app so you can locate your items easily.

Waffle Maker – 

This is really a gift for the whole family but MM is the one whos up at breakfast so let’s face it he’ll be the one who ends up making them. We love waffles but it’s such a faff looking round for dairy free ones. With this we’ll be able to make our own! I’m looking forward to Christmas morning.. freshly made dairy free waffles with strawberries and dairy free cream.


Until the next post,

Are and Pops.

If you have any gift suggestions then let me know in the comments!

We were sent products to include in this guide. We only accepted things we’d like to receive ourselves and all opinions are our own. Contains affiliate links.

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