Creating a learning environment.

Since Pops has started school I’ve noticed how keen on learning she’s become, being at a welsh school I’m worried how we will deal with home work when she starts getting it. I’m also really keen on making sure learning doesn’t stop when she leaves school. I want to set up a small area where she can draw, do crafts and home work once the time comes.

What do you need creating a learning environment for your child?

We have a really simple one from Ikea that has got really grubby but I love the idea of storage inside the table though and this one from Argos is perfect for that.

creating a learning space

If you have more than one child you might be better off with a normal table and chairs rather than a desk.

You can even add boxes to this to make it a storage table too.


Pens, pencils, paper – all the things you need to get crafty.

We even have little books that help with words and numbers. You can find these in places like Poundland, the works and homebargains for really cheap!

You can change these accordingly, whatever your main focus is that month or just your kids favourites in general. We’ve picked up a few good ones from the pound store (planets, words and numbers) there’s loads more.
For something a bit more decorative you could put up your child’s artwork or even a motivational quote.

I absolutely love the charity shop for books, you can find some amazing ones for really cheap but if your charity shops are not great check out the book people / eBay / the works or even one of the many pound shops.

A place to have the months goals

Totally optional depending on how you want to teach but I find I’m more likely to stick to something if it’s written down or planned ahead of time (I’m a bit of a control freak) so I find a list or a theme for the month the best way. These amazing boards from sundeala are a great option. A notice board to stick things to and a white board to make notes on. It saves you having to have one of each.. it also doesn’t hurt that it comes in so many colours.

Do you home educate or do a mix of both? I’d love some tips on how to approach it. I think all experiences should be an excuse to learn and not just 9-3 Monday to Friday.


Until the next post,

Are and Pops.


This is a collaboration with Sundeala.

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