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As the weather gets colder it’s easy to get into a bit of a rut with clothes. I tend to stick to jeans and a jumper for warmth and comfort. Is it possible to be cute and comfortable in your clothes?

Femmeluxe is a clothing site that focuses on women’s fashion and accessories (unfortunately they don’t do plus size yet) which is very reasonably priced.

There are so many things to choose from including party wear, shoes and clothes.

So how can you be cute and comfortable with Femmeluxe?

Grey Loungewear Tracksuit – Maria.

Matching jumper and bottoms this is a great mum staple. Pretty lightweight so perfect for the transitional weather as it starts to cool down in the evenings and those chillier mornings. A perfect around the house and school run outfit! All the comfort of pjs but none of the embarrassment when the postie comes to the door!

grey cute and comfortable matching tracksuit loungewear

Black Basic Leggings – GraceLynn.

There’s not a lot to say about these, very much what it describes. A basic black pair of leggings. Not the softest or thickest pair of leggings so I would definitely recommend wearing them under a log top or dress but for £4.99 you wouldn’t expect them to be wear alone leggings.

Black Ribbed Belted Loungewear set – Asia.

This loungewear set isn’t the same material as the others, it is more like the leggings material which makes it look a bit more ‘dressed up’ the added touch of the belt ties it together (excuse the pun, actually don’t because I love a good pun). The V neck makes it a great breastfeeding friendly outfit too!

cute and comfortable black matching tracksuit loungewear  with v neck and belt with marble background

Black Loungewear Tracksuit – Maria.

Just like the grey version this set is a really easy go to outfit. It has a lot of stretch so will be super comfy even when you’re running around after the kids.

cute and comfortable matching tracksuit loungewear trousers with marble background

When ordering from a website that offers amazing deals it’s easy to assume your order will not arrive. My order arrived really quickly and was packaged well. I do wish there wasn’t as much plastic but that’s something that a lot of clothing companies still use, one day they will get there! The delivery charges are really reasonable from 99p although i’m not sure if that’s just a current offer as it has £3.99 on the delivery page. The price is based on UK shipping, it costs more but they do ship worldwide.

On top of the amazing prices they provide student discount so make sure you take advantage of that if you’re a student!

Overall I like the items I chose, I wish they offered a bigger range of sizes and had less plastic packaging but i’m sure that’s something they can easily work on going forward.

What is your go to Autumn/ Winter style?

Until the next post.

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