Discovery with Three. FREE sessions for kids and adults.

I was invited along to this event for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own.

Discovery with Three offer free courses for people to learn more about different online and technology based things from online shopping to starting your own blog. Whether you are someone who wants to learn more about how to use their phone, expand their business or even keep up with their kids then you will be able to go along to one of their courses and get invaluable information all for FREE.

During the school holidays they even offer these sessions for kids.

From coding to podcasting your little ones are able to learn skills that will be amazing for them as they grow up. As much as we try to limit time on the tablets and internet it’s important to remember that they are a BIG part of our kids future and if we teach them how to make the most of it they will go far. There are plenty of millionaire Youtubers out there so why would we not want our kids to learn how to achieve that?

discovery with three

We went along to the Junior Discovery – Stop Motion Animation session and both Pops and I really enjoyed it.

We were shown what to do and the basics of the app like how to add audio and credits and then we got the chance to make our own stop animation story. If you want you can take your own toys along but there was Lego there for us to make something with during the session.
It was so simple to follow along and even though Pops is only 4 (recommended age 5+) she really understood what to do and thrived making her own story and watching the final outcome.

discovery with three

I can’t believe that these events are FREE, they are so good and we learned loads and had so much fun. I will definitely be taking Pops to loads more!

Where are these sessions held?
Oxford Street

The Easter sessions are over now but they will be doing more during the summer holidays (hopefully! I will keep you updated) and if you are local to one then I highly recommend taking your little ones for some free fun (and learning). If you have your own business or want to learn more about technology then go along to one of the adult ones too!

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.

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