Dream home improvements – Better looking front doors and bifold back doors.

Renting a property has a few positives, well one really.. that if something breaks down you don’t have to pay to fix it.

The other side of it is that you have to wait for them to decide its something they want to fix, and then there’s the hunt for the cheapest place possible to do it.

When we moved into our house 4 years ago we were told of things that were due to be replaced, the front door and the toilet window being two. Both of which were single glazed and in pretty terrible condition (not to mention the energy it was wasting that we were paying for). It took us a year of constant reminding before they finally started to get the ball rolling on a new door (the hunt for the cheapest possible) You really do get what you pay for because although the door looks fine it’s been a nightmare to open and close from day one. We even had to call them out to come check why, it was ‘fixed’ and that was that. It’s still pretty sticky now though. It looks and is secure so for us at the moment that will have to be enough.

If I had a choice it wouldn’t have been the door I wanted, I wish it had a bigger window and wasn’t white.

Something more like this…

I think a front door can say so much about a house, who cares what the inside even looks like when the front is so pretty right?

I shouldn’t complain about our door too much as it was actually replaced, our single glazed toilet window is a different story. When I see these discounted windows it does tempt me to just do it ourselves. Does anyone else resent doing jobs in a house you don’t own though? I feel like if I was to do a big job the landlord would turn round a kick us out a week later!

We’re hoping to not have to rent for too much longer so it’s something I’m sure we can put up with for a little while longer.


When picturing my dream home it would have an open plan (and tidy) dining area / play room that leads out onto a beautiful garden. A wooden playhouse and shed that is completely waterproof (and even possibly a usable office space). The shed was another one of those jobs we were told was being done that never was. We won’t get into that right now.

Being able to go straight out onto the garden would make the room so much more bright, choosing bifold doors would mean you get the most from it too. Being able to open the room up to make the garden more like a part of the house rather than just the outside. Perfect if you’re going to be hosting summer BBQs and play dates.

Do you like the idea of a colorful front door and Bifold windows to lead out to your garden?


Until the next post,

Are and Pops.


This post was a collaboration with Three Counties or Direct Bifold Doors. All thoughts and needed repairs are our own. Images sourced from their websites.

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