Dreamgenii Review – Better than your average pillow?

I’ve mentioned a lot about how the lack of sleep during this pregnancy has been hard on me. On most women’s pregnancy lists of essentials will be a pregnancy pillow. If you’re anything like me then you’ll just assume at first that they all do the same thing and after getting a cheap one and having it not help you’ll mark it down as being one of those pointless things you buy but don’t really use. Just me?

Since being sent the Dreamgenii I can honestly say that not all pregnancy pillows are the same! The Dreamgenii is more than your average pillow. It has 3 main sections or purposes that are all linked together by a centre panel.

You will have seen or been told that in the third trimester you can’t sleep on your back because of the pressure, this has been so hard for me! I’ve found myself waking up on my back in a panic, this is where the back panel of the Dreamgenii comes in handy. Its there to stop you rolling onto your back and I’ve found it’s eased my back pain having that bit of support there too.

The cheap pregnancy pillow i was using before didn’t really support anything so i would wake up in pain constantly. I compared myself to a sausage being cooked, constantly needing to be turned.

Since using the the Dreamgenii and having the back, bump and knee support i’ve not been as restless. Apart from the needing to pee – not sure if there’s anything a pillow can do about that though?


If you’re pregnancy and looking for a pregnancy pillow to get you through I can definitely recommend the Dreamgenii. It even works as a feeding pillow for once baby has arrived so there’s no need to buy two.

At the moment Amazon┬áseem to have the best price on them (but price varies on the pattern), It’s worth checking around for sales though.


Until the next post,

Are and Pops.


We were sent the Dreamgenii for the purpose of this review, all opinions are our own.

Images sourced from their website, mainly because I don’t look as good using it!

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