Easter gift ideas – A little outside of the box.

We don’t typically ‘celebrate’ easter, we join the festivities and eat too much chocolate but that’s where it ends.

I love Easter eggs but I’m always concerned with how many Pops gets. She has a very generous family so it’s never just one… and even if it was they are pretty big. Have you tried telling a child they can only have a bit of their egg a day?

Here are some out of the box gift ideas this easter for all the family, not just the kids.

Lush bath products

If you know Lush you’ll know how into holidays they get. They bring out the cutest new bits all year round and easter is no exception.

Aber Falls Coffee and dark chocolate liqueur




Are there any two better individual flavours? Personally I don’t think so. MM has wanted to learn how to make cocktails for ages (I’m not sure why? We don’t host party’s) and Im not sure what this would go with but I’m thinking something with ice cream. I can’t wait until the baby is here so I can test it out. It’s made in Wales too which is a nice little bonus!


Hallmark cards and Itty bittys

If you’re someone that loves sending easter cards (maybe with money inside instead of a gift) then you need to check out the lovely range from hallmark. They make such good quality cards. I love using old cards for crafts and the better the print and quality it is the more you can do.

Have you seen itty bittys yet? They’re the most adorable little soft toys and you can find them in so many different characters. We were sent some muppets but Pops already has her eyes set on the others too. I may have my heart set on a flash one too.

Mini Hornit Bike Helmet-

The easter holidays are 2 weeks long and I’m not sure about you but I’m not sure how I’ll keep Pops occupied every day. She’s needed a new helmet for her bike and scooter for a while now so having this new one (which lights up and everything) will mean she can make the most of her days off on her scooter and bike.

£29.99 and comes in 8 styles with 2 sizes.

Lip balms –

Love the taste of chocolate but don’t want the calories? You can get yourself (or someone else) a Reece’s lip balm! If your not a fan of Reece’s you could get the fruity or mint mento ones too.

£2.50 each from Primark.

A trip to the cinema –

A present and way to spend the day together all in one. Take your kids along to see any film really but to keep with the easter theme Peter rabbit.

Sticker / activity books –

We got an activity book from Poundworld and some cute bunny shaped crayons from Poundland but pretty much all the pound stores / works / home bargains type stores will have them at the moment.


Do you get easter gifts? Or stick to chocolate?


Until the next post,

Are and Pops.


we were sent some of the items in this for the purpose of this post, all comments and opinions are our own.

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  1. gemma
    March 27, 2018 / 11:39 am

    Love some of these ideas ! Will have to get some for ave !

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