How to get those tears into smiles with Elastoplast.

Have you seen the Elastoplast tears into smiles campaign? It’s all about sharing experiences and tips on how to distract and comfort your little one after a fall whilst playing outdoors.

What’s worse than telling your little one to slow down or be careful only for them to fall over and get hurt?

In my head – ‘I told you so

In reality – ‘Uh Oh, up you get.. dust it off

Pops has started wanting to show off her cuts and bruises now, does anyone else’s little one do that?

As soon as daddy is home ‘look daddy, poor Lily‘. She loves to play the sympathy card!

elastoplast tears into smiles

We were round a friend’s house recently and AI fell over while her mum was in another room putting her baby brother down for a nap, she landed on a toy and hurt her side. What’s worse than your little one getting hurt?.. someone else’s little one getting hurt when you are watching them!

AI started crying and I told her mummy would be back really soon, I had to distract her though and all I could think of was magic. I would use my magic wand to make her all better.. the only thing wrong with that was there was no wand or wand like item around.

Time to improvise… I used a magic cow, a magic boat – anything that was lying around really. The magic would help! I kept asking if it had made her feel better but she kept telling me it hadn’t (which meant more objects and more magic) It definitely distracted her and stopped her crying long enough for mummy to come back in for a cuddle.

She seemed so uninterested in my magic healing at the time but a little while after I over heard her playing and healing toys with her magic which made me happy.

It’s not always possible to heal a little one or make things better straight away but being distracted definitely helps.

If you try the magic technique I’d love to know how it goes.


What happens when it’s more than a little fall and the ‘magic’ isn’t enough?


What should you do when your little one gets a cut or graze?

  • Be calm
  • Give them a cuddle
  • Ask where they have hurt
  • Acknowledge their pain (even if it’s over reacted)
  • Clean them up
  • Pop a plaster on (even if it’s not 100% needed)

Let them choose their own plasters when your shopping. Elastoplast have amazing ones for kids including FROZEN and STAR WARS! You’ll be amazed at how much a fun plaster can help heal a cut or scraped knee.

If you’re little one is anything like Pops they will be up and running around and probably falling over again in no time.

What are your top tips for turning those tears into smiles?


Until the next post,

Are and Pops.


This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast. PLASTER MOMENTS





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  1. Kate
    May 19, 2017 / 8:28 pm

    Great post and thanking you on behalf of BritMums for taking part.

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