12 easy Elf on the shelf ideas- simple and easy to do.

We’ve had an Elf on the shelf since Pops’ first Christmas but we’ve never really done anything with it. She’s finally at the age where she can understand (a bit) what it all means.

This post is a collaboration with Natasha over at The Anxious Mother. A Blogger who writes about mental health as well as parenting.


Here are my 12 Elf on the shelf ideas:


Elf donuts –

What you need to do:

Dip hoop cereal into melted chocolate and cover in sprinkles. I love this. Its simple and so adorable and something I know Pops will LOVE.

Elf snow/sprinkle angel –

What you need to do:

Lay out some sprinkles or flour on the side and use the elf’s arms and legs to create a snow angel. Pops hasn’t seen snow yet so hasn’t had the chance to do a snow angel, I’m not sure she’ll get this but its so cute.

Elf interacting with Pops toys –

What you need to do:

Find a toy that is ‘rideable’ and balance the elf on top. The version of this that I saw the Elf was riding a dinosaur but Pops has a horse that I thought would work better.

Elf banana graffiti –

What you need to do:

Draw or write something fun on the skin of a banana, It shouldn’t matter what type of pen you use as your little one wont be eating the skin.

Elf storytime –

What you need to do:

Prop your elf up with a book, to make it even better add some extra toys around to make it look like the elf is telling the toys a story.

Elf edible bracelet-

What you need to do:

Use hoop cereal and a pipe cleaner to make an edible bracelet for your little one.

Elf bow climb-

What you need to do:

Use christmas present bows to create a climbing wall for your elf!

Sticker elf-

What you need to do:

Does your little one have loads of sticker sheets that are almost empty? Mine does! Use the last of them up by sticking them over elf.

Elf artist-

What you need to do:

Get your elf to draw a picture of itself or something else Christmassy.

Elf message –

What you need to do:

Using cereal or chocolate get Elf to leave a message for your little one. Pops can’t read yet so a little face was better for her.

Elf toasting marshmallows –

What you need to do:

Position your elf holding a stick with a marshmallow on over a candle, to be safe and child friendly you can use a battery LED candle.

Elf dress up –

What you need to do:

Using one designed for the elf or from another doll get your elf to dress up for the day.

Check out The Anxious Mothers’ post for another 12 ideas!


Until the next post,

Are and Pops.



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  1. gemma
    November 29, 2017 / 8:37 pm

    I’m defo gonna do some of these for ave !!!!! Thanks Ayse 🙂

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