Last minute family friendly April fools day pranks

It’s nearly April 1st and we all know what that means, April fools day is coming. (Is this just a UK thing?) An excuse to play pranks and be silly. Remember to keep things light hearted, especially if you’re pranking kids.

Here are 11 family friendly pranks you could do;

Draw faces on the eggs –  
Similar to the googly eyes one this is perfect if you’re having boiled eggs for breakfast. Make sure you let the eggs cool before you draw on them though. If you’re not having eggs you could still draw on the uncooked ones and leave them at the front of the fridge / side. (Where do you keep your eggs?)

Green milky cereal? – 
Add a drop of food colouring into the bowl, fill with cereal and let the person pour the milk themselves… As they pour the milk will turn whatever colour food colouring you used.

Tray of brown Es – 
Who doesn’t love brownies? You said brown Es right? Cut out a bunch of Es on brown paper, put them on a tray and let your kids know you made them a tray of brown Es!

Fried egg and chips (egg apricot yogurt and apple fries) –   
I love how realistic this one looks plus it’s actually a really healthy breakfast too.

Turn pictures upside down
I’m not sure if Pop’s would even notice this but it will be fun to wait and see how long it takes her to.

Chocolate egg grapes –  
This one can be a bit fiddly but you get to eat chocolate so it’s totally worth it. Carefully open the chocolate egg (eat the chocolate) and then pop a grape inside and wrap it back up. I would suggest keeping some real ones close by incase the person you’re pranking gets HANGRY!

Wear a wig or funny hat and pretend nothing is strange –   
Not everyone has a wig laying around so if you don’t wear a funny hat or just do a really funny hairstyle. If your little one comments on it just act as if nothing is any different.

Jelly undrinkable drink –  
Make up some jelly in a glass with a straw inside and then let it set, give it to your little one when they ask for a drink and watch as they realise it isn’t liquid.

Mash potato cookies –  
Make up some mash potatoes or use left overs, chuck in some chocolate chips and lay them on a baking sheet like cookie dough. 

Balloons in pillow –  
Fill up some balloons and put them inside a pillow case. If the person is really scared of balloons then this may not be a great one. 

Put tissue in the ends of their shoes –  
It’s not like kids need any more reason to not get their shoes on but when they are mucking around you might as well have some fun with it. Just make sure you give them a little extra time so you’re not late for school.

Googly eyes on things –
If you have some craft eyes laying around then put them to good use by adding them to whatever you can find. You can always draw some on things with a sharpie friendly pranks

Oreo surprise filling –  
Some people do this with toothpaste but that would be a total waste of an oreo. Try filling them with a dollop of jam or peanut butter!

Tiny hands –  
If your little one asks for help with their laces or zip (or anything) try using some tiny hands and see how long it takes them to notice.

So that’s 11 family friendly April fools day pranks you can play on your little ones. 

family friendly pranks

Do take part in April fools day?

Until the next post, 
Are and Pops.

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    March 29, 2019 / 10:54 am

    That guy looks a bit of a hunk

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