Fathers Day 2018 Gift Guide

Even though Father’s Day comes every year it still sneaks up on me out of nowhere. Does anyone else find that? Here’s my Father’s Day 2018 gift guide to help you if you’re like me and always struggle. 

Not everyone buys gifts for Father’s Day so if you’re not going to then a really nice card always goes down a treat, Hallmark have a lovely selection for every type of Dad out there. If you saw our Easter gift guide you would have seen the adorable Itty Bittys too, Hallmark sell so many different themes from Star Wars to Superheros. Who’s Dad isn’t a Superman?

Have a coffee lover? Why not get them a coffee machine and some fancy coffee?

This is something we bought MM for his birthday, it was originally going to be a present for Father’s Day/after the baby was born but I decided to get it early (mainly because I couldn’t think of anything else to get him but don’t tell him that) We went for a normal filter coffee machine from Asda but if the Dad in question wants something more fancy you can opt for the coffee machines that you buy pods for. 

If you’ve gone and bought the machine you can’t forget the coffee. Both MM and I love coffee but can end up drinking too much so I love the idea of a filter coffee that is decaf. Decadent Decaf have ranges of decaf coffee that come in different strengths and roasts so you can keep to the drinkers taste, and they’re the winners of five Great Taste Awards so you know you’re getting great quality. Also, I get to drink it while breastfeeding which is always a bonus. (Not that I think of myself when buying Father’s Day gifts…)

MM is pretty fond of his beard and but only ever gets it trimmed when he gets his hair done. The beard is usually a bit of a mess though (maybe don’t tell him I said that) so that’s where a groomer type razor comes in handy. The Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Groomer is exactly that, it shaves, trims, neatens up edges and hydrates the skin whilst doing so.

If a beard isn’t something wanted in your house you can always get one of the more normal razors, the Gillette Fusion Proglide 5 however has a roller ball integrated in the razor so the blades easily glide over the contours of the face. (We’ve all seen those adverts of the men shaving and pulling strange faces to get to every part, right?

Sometimes I find it hard to settle on one big present so I tend to get a few little things, these are perfect to get little ones to help with too. Pops loves picking the newest air freshener when we need one and these ones from Ustudio are so fun. Such quirky designs and nice scents! I’m sure Pops will love the poop one. What Dad wouldn’t want a poop car air freshener? Don’t worry, it smells of roses really… because roses really smell like poo poo poo. Name that song?

If you’re going to make the inside of the car smell nice you might as well make the outside look better too, these car products from Armor All are perfect for those men who love to keep their car clean. If yours isn’t into cleaning their own car then why not treat them to a car wash.  

Ustudio also have these really cool space themed space bar stickers. Perfect for the Dad who is stuck at a computer for work or those that use their computers to game too! 

MM is rubbish at buying himself clothes, he always has enough apparently… which is very true but some of that stuff is YEARS old and so scruffy looking. (Maybe don’t tell him I said that either?)

Mainline have some amazing brands on their site. MM works in Primark so most of the time will begrudge spending out on clothes (he usually leaves that to the present buyer aka me) but he does love when he’s bought something a bit nicer. Who doesn’t like being spoiled? They also have a great sale section on there. I chose this lovely Lyle and Scott polo shirt for MM. Its feels great quality and looks pretty long too. Cheaper polos are usually on the shorter side and never last very long.

If the father you’re buying for doesn’t have to wear a uniform a great gift can be some work wear. A nice shirt or new pair of shoes. Dobell have a great selection and you can find things on sale for an amazing prices. They even have fun, novelty suits that are so tempting! 

Hair products are not something all men use or want but if yours does then looking into some new ones for their type of hair is a great idea. Some men get into a bit of a rut with products and just stick with what they know so it’s a good excuse to try out new products (and styles if they want to). Moosehead have a huge variety of different types of wax and putty for all different hair types.

Do you celebrate grandparents on Father’s Day? We do. It’s something I did as a child so have decided to do it with my children (still feels weird saying children!) It also means I don’t have to remember an extra grandparents day.

Grandad is usually the one fixing most things whenever he visits so this personalised hammer from Born Gifted is perfect. It’s that little bit more special as it now has both the girls names on it too. 

There’s a complete mix of gifts here that I’m sure will suit a bunch of dads. 

What’s your favourite from the list and which would you like to receive?

Until the next post, 

Are and Pops. 

We were sent products to include in this gift guide but all opinions are our own. 

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