Father’s Day Questionnaire – Pops Answers.

I love doing these types of things with Pops. It’s so funny to see what she says and how she reacts to the different questions. It’s a lovely thing to look back on when she’s older too.

Father's Day Questionnaire

Father’s Day Questionnaire –

What is Daddy’s name?


How old is Daddy?

13 (although I think she meant to say 30)

What colour hair does Daddy have?


What colour eyes does Daddy have?


What does Daddy work as?


What is Daddy’s favourite colour?


What does Daddy like to watch on TV?

Boasty (the song by Wiley ft Idris Elba)

What is Daddy’s favourite food?


What does Daddy say the most?

Oh man…

What is your favourite thing about Daddy?

I love Daddy SO MUCH!

What is Daddy best at?

Painting (HAHA I’ve never seen him do a painting)

What makes Daddy happy?

Me being good

If Daddy could go anywhere, where would he go?

London to see Grandad.

Daddy makes the best?

Hot Chocolate (I’ve said this since me and MM met)

Something Daddy always tells you?

I’m the best

What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy?

Go to the cinema

What do you love most about Daddy?


Feel free to use these questions or download the FREE printable version you can print out and let your little one fill in!

Fill in the Father’s Day Questionnaire and give it to Dad this father’s day for a cute (and free) gift.

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.

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