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This post is a collaboration with Femme Luxe, all opinions are our own.

Does anyone else use the start of a new year to get some new clothes? It may be the over indulgence and not fitting into old clothes or even the sales but I love to get new bits in the new year. I tend to do a lot of window shopping, adding to basket and leaving it there too.

When Femme Luxe sent over their newest picks I was torn between choosing items that I thought were nice and ones that suited the weather. It’s freezing at the moment so my first thought was all winter wear but thats what my cupboard is full of so I thought I would show you things I thought were cute instead… I mean, It’s going to warm up eventually right?

The first things I chose were a crop top and high waisted leather look leggings, They are individual pieces but I picked them both to go together.

Gold Glitter Sparkly Short Sleeve Crop Top

I was going to go for the black one at first but then when I found the leggings I changed my mind because I wanted the contrast of colours. It’s described as gold but I think it’s more champagne gold / silver. I love crop tops with high waisted bottoms. The top is a lot more cropped then I thought it would be going by the picture so keep that in mind. Maybe sizing up would help? The glitter from the top also comes of a bit, which isn’t always a bad thing but may mean you need to wash it carefully.

Black High Waisted Faux Leather Look Leggings

Being plus size i’m never sure about leggings as trousers. If you’re more confident with the style you have so many cute outfit possibilities. Combining a high waisted bottom and crop top is great because it allows you to show off a little without it being too much. It shows the smallest part of the body too so really flattering (if you’re bothered about that).

Black Belted Longline Hoodie Dress

I love a good hoodie and leggings but find after a few washes they get a little short. A hoodie dress is perfect to quickly chuck on over some leggings to pop out to the shops or on the school run. This one is pretty thin so one for the warmer days, or under a warm winter coat on the colder ones.

Black Belted Bodycon Midi Wrap Dress

Everyone needs a little black dress right? Isn’t that some sort of quote by some fashion designer? This bodycon wrap dress can be worn with the sleeves on or off the shoulders depending on how much skin you want to show. It comes in Red and Mustard if black isn’t your thing.

What did you think of my picks? Check out the site and let me know which outfit you would choose and where you would wear it!

Until the next post.

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