First day of school traditions

The first day of the school year can be a really stressful and intimidating time. It doesn’t matter if they are just starting or if they are going back there are a lot of news for your kids and you to contend with. Take some of the pressure off by starting some first day of school traditions with your kids.

Special breakfast

I’m not sure how many people are up with enough time to do this but if you’re an early riser and like to cook then this is such a lovely little tradition to start.

First day of school traditions

Photo at the same place

Outside your front door, the school or a certain place on the walk journey. Whether you do a photo on the first day of every year or even the first and last day it’s a lovely way to see how much they change.

First day of school traditions

Year sign photo

It’s similar to the one above but a little bit more detailed by adding the year to the photo too. You can go as detailed as you want. If you want an endless amount of ideas on how you can do this then check out pinterest.

Ask a certain question / interview style

I usually ask Pops what she wants to be when she’s older. It’s a cute thing to look back on when they’re older and know actual professions. The first time we asked she wanted to be a witch when she grew up.

special dinner after the first day

What’s your little ones favourite meal? Make that to celebrate the end of their first day back. You could even do an interactive make your own style of dinner if you’re feeling adventurous!

First day of school traditions

More first day of school traditions

Go somewhere nice after school

To the local park or library. Your little one may be tired after a busy day back though so this isn’t something all kids will want to do.

Draw a portrait

Get your little one to draw how they see themselves at this point in their life. A lovely thing to look back on once they’re older.

Make a bucket list of things they want to do or learn this school year

Does your little one have an after school club they want to join or want to learn an instrument? Get them to list all the goals they would like to achieve this school year. (help them choose fun and realistic goals they can achieve because nobody likes looking back on their bucket list and not having many crossed off)

First day of school traditions

A new book with a special message inside

This is such a lovely gift to give your little one. A really special thought out book that you personalise with a personal message. You could either buy a new book every new year with a message for the year ahead or on the first year with a message about school and what you wish for them throughout it all.

Do you have any first day of school traditions? Are they different to the ones we’ve mentioned?

If you do any of these first day of school traditions then let us know.

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Until the next post.

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