Frozen 2 shopDisney dress up and toy review. AD

We were sent these Frozen 2 shopDisney items for the review, all opinions are our own.

Children and adults around the world have been awaiting this month for years, 6 years to be exact. Frozen 2 is now out in Cinemas and with that comes all of the stuff to help you recreate the magic in the comfort of your own home!

It’s pretty safe to say you could walk into almost any shop and find some sort of Frozen 2 item, from chocolate bars to bedding theres everything. There’s one shop you that outshines the rest, shopDisney. It’s definitely reflected in the price but the quality and attention to detail is so superior, only what you would expect seeing as they made the film.

So what were we sent? I wanted to add that even the box they come in is amazing, you could definitely open it up and let the kids colour inside.

Frozen 2 shopDisney Costumes;

Elsa Travel Costume – £33

elsa frozen 2 dress up costume

Elsa wig – £15

Anna Travel Costume – £33

Anna wig – £15

elsa and anna costume wigs from shopDisney

Frozen 2 shopDisney Toys;

Anna doll – £17

Anna singing doll close up of face

Elsa doll – £17

Elsa singing doll

Olaf Soft Toy – £20

Sven Soft Toy – £20

Olaf and Sven frozen 2 soft toy

Anna Travel Bag – £16

Anna travel bag playset

Frozen 2 shopDisney Acessories;

Frozen 2 Crossbody Bag – £12.95

frozen 2 cross body bag anna and elsa

Have you seen Frozen 2 yet? Do you think it’s better than the first one?

Other bits of the range I love;

shopDisney costume shoes are the best out there, they are so detailed and pretty. Unfortunately for Pops she got my wide feet so they never fit her but these Anna boots are SO nice.

The bath toys from shopDisney are my favourite thing they do, well one of… They’re super cute and even come in a little storage bucket you can reuse. The Frozen ones include all the main characters.

Until the next post.

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