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MM comes home from work every night telling me how he’s walked a marathon. It’s a bit of an exaggeration but that is MM all over. He has a job where he is constantly on his feet and walks a lot. It’s easy to forget just how much jobs like this take out of you and important to remember to keep your body hydrated. That is where drinks like Gatorade Sports Drink come in handy.

What is Gatorade Sports Drink ?

Gatorade Sports Drink is an electrolyte-carbohydrate solution designed to maintain endurance performance and to enhance the absorption of water during physical exercise.

What does Gatorade do?

Gatorade is designed to replace the electrolytes that your body loses when you exercise.

Should you drink Gatorade?

Gatorade contains a lot of sugars (carbohydrates) and salt (electrolytes) so should only be used by people who have an active lifestyle.

Do you have an active lifestyle and want to see if drinking Gatorade Sports Drink helps get your best out of your workout, or active work day then why not try the Gatorade Sports Drink Variety Pack of 12 Bottles with Squeeze Bottle and Towel. Not only do you get the 12 pack of drinks with 4 different flavours

  •  3 x Gatorade Orange Sports Drinks (500ml)
  • 3 x Gatorade Red Orange Sports Drinks (500ml)
  • 3 x Gatorade Lemon Sports Drinks (500ml)
  • 3 x Gatorade Cool Blue Sports Drinks (500ml)

You also get the gatorade branded towel and squeeze bottle.

Is the Gatorade Sports Drink Variety Pack worth it?

If you’re unsure what flavour you want and want to try them all or if you’re looking for a pack that gives you other things included (maybe a gift for a gym goer) then it’s worth it. You are able to get the single flavour packs for less but then they don’t come with the extras.

If you are going to drink these types of drinks you need to do so in moderation and only if you are active enough to balance the extra sugar and salt you will be taking in.

Have you ever tried Gatorade Sports Drink? What is your favourite flavour?

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