Gender specific.

Have you ever been told you’re a ‘girly girl’ or ‘tom boy’? those are labels I hear so much and now having my own little girl I’ve started to resent them.


I was speaking to someone about a month ago and they asked if we were thinking of having more children and do we want a boy so MM could chuck them around and play fight etc, we were a little taken back because it never occurred to us that people don’t do that with their little girls too… but some people don’t,  maybe a lot of people? I’m not sure.


It’s definitely something we’ve always done with Pops and I’ve  started to worry about whether us doing that made her a biter or made her a ‘tom boy’ and that we shouldn’t have been playing zombie with her when she was a baby!

I’ve seen Pops make her was through so many different favourites in the past 2 years from Megan Trainor then to Hey Duggee and now she’s into a mix of surprise eggs, Ironman/Spiderman, Frozen and dressing up like a princess  (to name a few) what does that make her a girly girl? A tomboy? It makes her a 2 year old that’s into Spiderman, Iron Man, Frozen, dressing up and watching annoying people opening eggs on YouTube!



Do you find your kids get bought presents based on their gender and know they would rather the ‘boy’ one?
Until the next post,

Are and Pops.

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