Bath book bed – Bedtime routine.

How do you get kids to sleep?

There’s no simple answer to this because all kids are different. There are ways to help though!

Parenting expert Jo Frost has partnered up with the UK’s largest children’s charity BookTrust to help get little ones sleeping better.

The bath, book, bed campaign is now in it’s second year and encourages parents to make reading part of the bedtime routine.

What is our bedtime routine?

The Dream;

5pm – Dinner

6pm – Calm play

6.30pm – Bath and Teeth

7pm – PJS and Book

7.15- Bed

The Reality;

5-6pm – Dinner (that she’s messing around with)

6-6.45pm – Telling Pop’s to play calmly while she runs around making a mess

We’ve never done daily bath, mainly because of Pop’s skin drying out. (non bath days get a  wash)

7pm – Teeth (having asked for the past 10 mins)

7.15 – Pjs on and book (this one we do, just never on time)

7.30-9pm – Bed (after being asked to read more books or getting called up for a number of crazy reasons)

Do you want some book suggestions? Booktrust have picked out 10 books that are perfect for bedtimes. There’s a chance to WIN them too. (ends may 8th)

Pop’s has a pretty big collection of books which started before she was even born, i’m a sucker for a charity shop and it’s incredible how good a bargain you can get on kids books. Check out your local one and see what you find!

Pop’s favourite bed time book is Peter pan, I think we spend an entire month reading that every night. (It got boring, I even bought a different peter pan book just to switch up the words haha)

My favourite book to read Pop’s is called No Matter What (charity shop find) – Its such a beautiful book and always brings a tear to my eye. I highly recommend it if you haven’t read it yet.

What is your bedtime routine?

If you’re struggling with getting a good bedtime routine take a look at Jo’s tips. It’s never too late to start.

If your little one sleeps better with music like Pops does then check out baby sleep music to help settle them.

If you have any tips for a calmer and easier bedtime let me k!now in the comments!

Until the next post,

Are and Pops.

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