Go Ahead review 

I’ve always just put go ahead into a little diet bubble and not really thought of them as a healthier snack alternative that the whole family can enjoy but after being sent some of their new range I can definitely see us stocking up on them.

I can honestly say I didn’t find one thing I didn’t like out of the lot we had, I know I’m not fussy but they were really nice.

My favourites were the yoghurt breaks, Pops and MM preferred the cookie bites. (Though to be fair we liked them all)

The crispy slices are a little dry but the flavours are really good!
Everything comes in packs so it’s totally transportable, great for lunches and chucking in the bag for snacks while we’re out although I wouldn’t give them everyday because although they are healthier then some snacks they are still to be used as a treat.

I also found the packs a bit big for Pops age so definitely keep an eye on that, kids don’t need the entire pack.
Have you had go ahead snacks before? What’s your favourite?


Until the next post,

Are and Pops.


We were sent these for us to try but opinions are our own- sorry about the water mark on the camera too!

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