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We were sent the Halilit Toddler Music Orchestra Set to review, all opinions are our own.

I spend so much of my time trying to find nice, quiet and educational toys for the kids to play with and they end up getting bored and forgetting about them pretty quickly. My efforts are totally wasted as is my money because lets face it.. when it comes to kids the brighter and noiser the better.

What comes in the Halilit Music Orchestra Set?

Ocean Drum

Baby Xylophone

Bell Shaker

Rattle Roller

Shaker Maraca

R absolutely loved banging the instruments around and because they’re such great quality and really sturdy I wasn’t worried about them braking.

It took me a little while to realise the beater for the xylophone was clipped underneath (now you know so you don’t make the same mistake). I love that it easily clips onto it, hopefully that will mean it doesn’t go walk abouts.

The set also comes with little music cards you can use with the xylophone. This isn’t something R will be able to do just yet but it’s a great way for Pops to be able to join in and play with her.

What does the Halilit Music Orchestra Set encourage?

Helps to introduce young children to music and rhythm while developing fine motor skills. It also helps to improve imagination, creativity and listening skills(i’m skeptical of the last one haha)

Where can you buy the set from and other similar products;

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Check out this adorable video featuring R and lots of other kids enjoying their instruments!

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