How To Keep Your Family Connected.

Life gets busy, it’s a fact, and sometimes you can get so swept up with trying to keep up that you can miss what’s going on in your home. Your family could be struggling, and while you’re busy making packed lunches, ferrying them to and from their various hobbies and lessons and making sure homework is done, you don’t see what’s going on. Your family could be disconnecting, and then before you know it, it is no longer a happy household. Make sure that you include your partner too if it’s just you and the kids then it’s not the whole family and your partner will feel even more disconnected and without realizing you could be heading for the expert divorce solicitors. Not to add pressure to everything else you have to do, but prioritizing connecting with your kids and your partner and making sure that you have family time is essential. It doesn’t require money, just time and effort and maybe a bit of planning. So, How to keep your family connected?

How To Keep Your Family Connected

How to keep your family connected idea #1 – Have a family games night

Laughter really is the best medicine so no matter what is going on in your lives and in your families, planning some time to have some fun and have a laugh and be silly should be a priority for everyone. Try to put aside one night a week and just spend an hour or so playing games and having fun together. Choose some of the kids’ favorite games, stop what you’re doing, and just let your hair down. Let the kids decide what they want to play, it doesn’t even have to be a game they own, it could be a family game of hide and seek or tag in the garden, but whatever it is, get everyone involved for just an hour and you’ll all see the benefits for it.

How to keep your family connected idea #2 -Create a family bucket list

As your family grows, either bigger or just older, there are things that you will all want to do. Chat about it and share your dreams together of what you want to do together as a family in the next year but also look ahead to the future too. Ask each other what you want to do, whether it’s holidays and places to visit, something you want to achieve together or things that people want to achieve individually which you can all help and support with. Write your ideas down, and post them somewhere in your home so you can plan accordingly. The other fun thing you can do is individually write down the ideas, stick them in a hat or bowl, and guess who wrote which bucket list idea.

How to keep your family connected idea #3 – Take Time To Find Out More About Each Other

Don’t just ask about how school was today or what did your kids have for lunch, start asking questions that will make your kids think, laugh, and even process what their dreams and desires are. Encourage talking more as a family, and ask questions like when your kids have drawn a picture, ask them what they can you tell you about their picture? Where did they get the idea from, and what is their favorite part of the picture? Ask them which character they liked most in the book they have just read and which bit did they find the funniest?

How to keep your family connected idea #4 – Go For Walks Together

Walking is a great exercise, but it’s also an excellent time for bonding and playing with your family. Walking together after dinner or on weekends is a great time to talk and catch up on what’s been going on in the day or in the week. It’s also great to get out amongst nature, plus it’s a free, quick way to get your body moving.

How to keep your family connected idea #5 – Cook Together

Getting everyone together in the kitchen is a great way to connect. Kitchens are places where people chat and gossip, and even better if you have more hands helping you to prepare dinners. It’s great for kids to learn about cooking and baking, so it’s good for them to watch you as well as give them little jobs to do too. Find healthy and simple recipes where everyone has a job that they can own. Use this time as an opportunity to talk to your kids about their day and also be sure to find small moments to compliment them about something they did recently. Put on some music too, and just have some fun.

Make time for just you and your partner as well; make date nights…and stick to them. While this does take some planning and might mean setting aside a particular day of the week – perhaps on the game night once the kids have gone to bed? You might need to get a babysitter in and book a table somewhere beautiful or just set aside the time to spend together at home with no distractions. Put your phones away, make some lovely food, get out your favorite bottle of wine, and put on a good film. It doesn’t actually matter what you do together; it’s keeping the time together that is the most important thing. Also, don’t forget to spoil each other. You both need attention too, not just the kids, so even if you have to set a reminder to buy your partner something, to cook them a meal or even to show them some affection, then do it. It’s all too easy for this kind of thing to get forgotten. Do it now, show them you love them and go the extra mile to spoil them to make up for all the times when you’re both preoccupied.

How To Keep Your Family Connected

Connecting your family means that not only will you have fun doing it, create lasting memories, funny stories and inside jokes, but it will also keep your relationships healthy, it will teach your kids about family values, it will teach them rules, boundaries, and limits. You will start and continue traditions and rituals; you will know your kids’ dreams and fears, it will mean that your kids will enjoy spending time with each other, with you, and at your home.

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