How to make your wedding child friendly.

As you may know MM and I are not married, It’s not something I ever thought I wanted and made that pretty clear from the beginning. I’ve changed my feelings on it all now and although I want a super simple wedding if we were going to get married our girls would be a massive part of it.

Although I would want my kids at my wedding I can totally understand why people with no kids would want something less manic and adult only.

If you have kids then make sure they are going to have just as much a good time as you are. It may even keep them behaving better.

So here’s how to make your wedding child friendly.

Keep it Full of Energy

Kids can get bored quite easily, especially when all they’re doing for the day is walking slowly, throwing petals, holding rings, and sitting and waiting for the minister to marry Mummy and Daddy! They’re going to be fidgeting and kicking their legs in the pews, and they’re going to be chatting away when they’re not traditionally meant to; often enough these behaviours aren’t a problem, but it is a sign your child is starting to detest your big day.

So you’re going to need some things on offer to help keep their focus and keep them energised. Of course, the good food to be had after the ceremony is over is going to entertain them, but make sure there’s music and dancing for them to indulge in as well. Sure, a slow dance can be had here and there, but make sure the playlist you’re using or the band you’ve hired have plenty of kids’ songs on offer for the evening.

Visit if you’re planning to get some live music for your big day. Kids love to have a group of funny and friendly musicians to interact with; your little girl might even want to take the mic for some of their lines!

Make Sure They’re Included

Of course, as we mentioned above, your kids are going to have roles in your wedding day. They’re going to be all dressed up and following behind you, a part of the ceremony as they just as much a part of your life on a daily basis. But make sure these are active roles that they can perform to perfection! Kids like to make an impression, especially when they’re filled with confidence and know they look cute!

Give them room to be as happy and loud as they want, and let them stand with you at the altar or in front of the registrar. Even include them in your vows, and make sure they know just how important they are to the relationship you share with your partner! Show them that the day at hand is all about love!

Did you have your own or other peoples kids at your wedding?

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Are and Pops.

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