How To Pull Off An Affordable Children’s Party

When it’s time for your little one’s birthday, you want to plan a fun party that your child will love. It can take months to prepare for the special do. There is so much pressure on making sure the day is perfect as you want them to remember the party for years to come. This means some parents end up spending hundreds of pounds on their child’s do to make sure it’s perfect. I have recently written about whether a big 1st birthday party is worth it and I often feel the same about parties for Pops, BUT you can have an awesome party for your kid without breaking the bank. Here is how to pull off an affordable children’s party;

Have the party at home

A lot of people feel they need to have their child’s party outside of their home. They might choose a local soft play centre or an activity centre such as a trampoline park. But these often have a price per child as well as a venue cost which can soon cause your bill to rise if the guest list is rather long. You also have the additional cost of food and drink which can cause the party to rocket in price.
Therefore, to ensure you have a party of your kid’s dreams for an affordable cost, you should have the party instead. It’s a great way to cut the cost of a venue and you can do so much in your own house. If the weather is good, you can use the outdoor space to host the party which will offer a lot of space for the children to run around. You can get party accessories such as banners, balloons and piñatas from companies online like Party Bags & Supplies that will put a touch of party spirit to your home.

You could even go for a fun theme that your kid will love. There are also other benefits to having a party at your home such as not having a set time limit on the venue. After all, you are likely leave within an hour or two when you are at a play centre. Therefore, you can have the party when you want it and won’t have to worry if people are late or can’t make it as you won’t be charged when you are in your own home.

Cut the guest list

When you host a party for your child, you often feel like you have to invite loads of other children and their siblings often come along too. It means that the numbers you have to cater for are off the scale. Therefore, it’s time to cut down the list to make it more affordable. Your child will have just as much fun with a few select friends. As it says on The Spruce’s site, they can spend quality time with their close friends. Which will mean you can do a lot more for your child’s party when you have fewer kids coming along.

Find free games and activities

You might feel you need to hire a bouncy castle or an entertainer when you have a party at home for your kid. After all, you like to entertain them for the whole of the party. But these are all costly activities that will blow your budget. There are so many free games and activities you can do instead of spending a fortune. As discussed on Good To Know, classic games such as musical chairs  are still popular with kids. You can get some cheap prizes to give out for the winners and it will keep them busy before they tuck into food. School sports day games are also very popular with kids and will create lots of laughs when they do the three-legged race.

Go for a home-made buffet

A lot of people spend the most money when it comes to the buffet for their kid’s party. After all, food adds up quickly when you are buying in bulk. To help make the party affordable, you should make food for the party instead of heading to the shop. Allow time to make those sandwiches for the party. Don’t buy platters which will cost you a small fortune. Stick to cold food which is easy to make and won’t cost too much. Also, children don’t eat so much at parties as there’s so many distractions, so remember to not go overboard.

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