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There are so many lovely things that come along with having a new baby: twice the smiles, twice the love but there are also the dreaded twice the amount of washing … if not more

When you think of baby essentials you think of baby grows and blankets, maybe even a baby monitor but with all of that washing, a great investment is a new washing machine. If you have a big family, you need a big washing machine … especially if like us, you live somewhere that gets about 6 days of sun a year (maybe I’m over exaggerating) Having kids means you’re constantly busy so having something simple to use is a must too.

We were gifted the Indesit Innex washing machine (BWE 101684X W) to review and it has made life with a newborn so much easier. With 10kg capacity its made such light work of the washing, even with the extra baby bits. With it being a 10kg washing machine I was worried about the size and was expecting a huge machine to be coming through the door, however its the same height as our old one so fits nicely under the kitchen counter.

Indesit innex washing machine

Pretty much every washing machine has a quick wash but this one is a little different because the machine doesn’t even need to be turned on to use it. The Push and Wash feature means all you have to do is load the machine, then press the blue button for 2 seconds and it sets the machine off on a 45 minute wash (it even got bright blue ice lolly out of a white shirt!) The Push and Wash feature helped a lot during my time getting to grips with breast feeding, I’d be stuck on the sofa and MM could easily keep on top of the washing, It’s so simple (not that he is …) its something that pops can help out with too (with supervision when putting any cleaning products in) … if only she could hang it out to dry and put it away too!

Indesit Innex close up of push and wash button

Since getting the machine, I’ve only ever had to use the Push and Wash and the drain settings. Unlike some machine quick washes, the washing comes out clean and fresh in just 45 minutes. The only reason I have to use the drain setting is to get it that little bit more dry when its not a sunny day so that it dries quicker indoors

I’m so impressed with this washing machine, I never thought I would be so excited about something that washes clothes (I cant be alone, surely?) even down to the little draining holes in the rubber seal.

If you feel like you’re forever doing washing, you need to check out the Indesit Innex range. Make your life more simple and get others to help with the washing too … they cant say they don’t know how to use the machine when its one simple button, can they?

Until the next post

Are and Pops.

We were gifted the machine for the purpose of this review all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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