Jakks Honest Cute Review.

​The range ‘Honestly Cute’ from Jakks is just that and more.

The range includes a number of dolls (baby and toddler ones) and lots of accessories for the doll and child.

From car carrier  to shopping trolleys that are able to change height, they really have thought about what to include. The range contains be like mummy accessories too like a purse that contains keys etc and a changing bag that your little one can use for their baby.

We were sent the Caucasian* boy doll (which is nice because pops doesn’t have any boy dolls) it comes with the outfit it’s wearing (adorable dinosuar tshirt and shorts) and a dummy  (which I will probably put away as pops didn’t have a dummy so don’t tend to give her dolls with them)

It has hard hands and head with a soft squishy middle – perfect for cuddles.
* they have a range of ethnicity dolls including Asian, Latin and African American – it’s an American brand if you can’t tell.

We received the shopping trolly and foldable travel cot and I was so happy with the quality of both, at first the shopping trolly felt a bit flimsy but after having a look and testing the height adjustment out a few times I could tell that even though it’s light and not bulky it does look like it will hold up well (hopefully) The travel cot is adorable and sets up loads like a normal (non child toy) one and goes down just as well for easy storage.

The last two things we got in our box of goodies were the bath set and snack pot and these were absolutely my favourite!

Just look how cute they are…

The bath set contains a little hooded towell and bath toy and the snack set contains a lunch box, apple sauce, slices and some biscuits.

We’ve really enjoyed trying out the honestly cute range and the accessories are just amazing.
Until the next post,

Are and Pops.


We were sent the toys to review but all opinions are our own.


  1. Margaret Gallagher
    November 15, 2016 / 9:05 am

    A real bundle of fun im sure we’d find them a delight too

  2. Deborah Clarke
    November 17, 2016 / 9:40 am

    Oh how lovely. I would have loved tgis when i was little.

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