Katjes Magic Candy Factory Review. 

Have you ever wanted to eat your own face? Now you can – in gummy form anyway.
We went along to see the world’s first 3D gummy candy printer in action and it was amazing. Technology at its best? Well behind saving lives and all that.

Katjes magic candy factory is a’kiosk’ (you can buy on website too) inside St Davids in Cardiff just next to The White Company, you’ll see them giving out samples of the new Magical Mix and Make so you can’t really miss it.

The Magical Mix and Make is basically pic n mix (but more fancy) you can pop them into boxes or jars which can be personalised.

Being a pescatarian (ish) I know alot of pic n mix contain gelatine and most don’t have signs to say which do and which don’t so it’s pretty much a no go.. The good thing about this is that everything is vegetarian and a lot of the things are vegan too (all clearly marked) it is quite pricey but for people who can’t eat normal pic n mix but really want to its perfect.

If you’re going to get a gummy selfie they suggest a clear background and high quality photo (and darker colour/flavours work best too) I’d also suggest no funny faces as Pops pulled one and the printer had a bit of a melt down.

As well as a selfie you can get a message or they have a drawing app that you or kids can draw on and watch your creation come to life. Those are £10 too.

After you’ve chosen your flavour (from the 8 they have) and printed your design/picture/text you have the choice to add magic glitter, fizzy or sour spray… or leave it plain if you’d prefer.

You can enter your email and be sent the time lapse of it being made but I entered my email and didn’t receive them so not sure how well that works. Worth popping your email in and trying though. Would be cool to watch- not sure how many times you’d want to though.


I think these would make amazing secret santa gifts or little extras to main presents… I doubt they will actually get eaten (they do print a trial heart for you to taste it so make sure you ask about that)


What flavour would you want your face to be?


Until the next post,

Are and Pops.


We were invited along to the event, ate way too many sweets and were given some to take home. All opinions are our own.

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  1. gemma
    December 21, 2016 / 8:14 pm

    Omg that’s amazing that its vegetarian and that they have vegan options as well !!!! Defo somewhere to check out as not many places have that available…… Its defo becoming more mainstream tho which is brilliant, thanks for letting us know !!!!!

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