Large Talking Messy Monster Review. OKIDO.

​Pops has way more screen time than I’d like to admit so I tend to prefer her to watch shows with a bit more to them, something I think will teach her as well as entertain (and keep her quiet while I’m doing something 🙈)
Cbeebies have a show called ‘Messy goes to OKIDO’ and it’s all about Messy on his adventures, exploring science and answering questions like how do rainbows work.
I love the mix of fun child like characters and educational messages this show provides.
We were sent a copy of the magazine and a large talking Messy (golden bear toys) the magazine is a bit old for Pops so it’s not something I would buy right now for her but The magazine is really thick and has lots inside. It is pretty steep at £4 (especially because it doesn’t have a free toy attached – which is usually what drawers you into the mag)

Pops absolutely loved playing with Messy and pressing him over and over again 🙈 He looks exactly like he does on the show and says a bunch of the phrases from the show, we have quite a few toys from Golden bear now and they are always such good quality and this talking Messy lives up to that!

The ‘voice box’ responds really well when pressed- good for the kids not so much the parents haha. If your little one watches the show or doesn’t they will find this cute little blue messy monster fun… its suitable from birth and can be found


Until the next post,

Are and Pops.

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  1. Natalie Crossan
    November 20, 2016 / 5:47 pm

    Aww he looks so cute

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