Last minute things to do this half term.

Kids are off and you’ve forgot to plan activities for the kids. ARGH! Here are 14 last minute things to do this half term;

Local Library –
Our local library is pretty amazing and usually run events during half term so it’s always good to check what’s happening in yours… even if there isn’t an event on you can take the kids and let them choose a few books to read while they’re there and then some to take away too.

PJ Movie Day –
Pop a film on and snuggle under a blanket, get some snacks and drinks and make it like a real life cinema but in the comfort of your own home and pjs.

Park –
Fun that’s totally free. If you dress accordingly then you can go to the park in any whether so don’t forget about it on rainy days, just wear waterproofs.

Picnic –
You could do this one on the same day as the park but why not make it two different activities? You could even host a teddy bears picnic at home.

Cinema –
Over half term cinemas usually have a load of family friendly films on, take your own snacks to keep costs down too if you want.

At Home / Silent Disco –
Shut the blinds, turn out the lights and grab some torches or glow sticks and dance like nobody’s watching.

Crafts –
So this may only use up about 30 mins of the day if your kids are as non crafty as Pops but still…

Build A Fort –
This can be fun but super messy so be prepared for every blanket and cushion to be in a different place by the end of the day.

Board Games / Puzzles –
I love playing board games with Pops (especially orchard toys ones because they’re educational too). Just be sure to let them win every now and then so they don’t get upset…but not too much because they need to learn. haha.

Scavenger / Treasure Hunt –
Hide some bits around the house and make a map for them to figure out and find.

Bake / Cook –
Make some cookies or even get them to help prep dinner. Make sure you teach them to clean as they go too.

Teach Them Something New –
A card game, a song. Anything.

Make A Home Movie –
Document your week or get them to take a video using their dolls. There’s some amazing stop motion apps that are pretty simple to follow too.

Spa Day –
Not all kids will enjoy this but if your little one loves to be pampered make an at home spa. Foot baths, face masks and cucumber eyes.

Let me know your last minute ideas below in the comments!

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.

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