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I’m forever trying to get Pops outside to play, she’s such a homebody… which isn’t a bad thing but now the weather is nicer I want to make the most of it. It helps the kids blow off steam too which is nice come bed time.

I still remember running around the playground with metre sticks listening to it click along as a child. The Learning Resources Outdoor Measure Mate is much more than just a metre stick though.

Learning Resources Measure Mate

With 5 uses and 7 pieces the Learning Resources Measure Mate is a great way to get your kids out having fun and learning at the same time, they can be used inside as well but being outdoors will give them much more space and ways to use it;

Vertical measure – to measure freestanding objects

Callipers – to measure internal and external dimensions of an object

Trundle wheel – to measure distances

Spirit level – to discover whether a surface is level (horizontal) or plumb (vertical)

Measuring stick – to be used as a ruler

Learning Resources Measure Mate

I’m a big fan of the quality you get from Learning Resources and this doesn’t disappoint. It is colourful, big and sturdy and I love that they include a bag for you to keep it all safe and together in when you’ve finished using it. If your kids are anything like Pops then i’m sure you can relate to how many different places you find bits of the same toys in. It’s really easy to take apart and put together, I was a little worried at first because so many toys have fiddly little buttons to press but this just pulled apart.

Toys that are both fun and educational are the perfect gift, they even get you out all playing together and making memories.

Learning Resources Measure Mate

Want to get one for yourself?

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What are your favourite outdoor activities?

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.

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