Sending your little one to a leave at playgroup.

Making the decision to leave your child.

For the past two and a half years it’s been just me and Pops (for the most part). If you’ve seen my post My baby, My comfort you’ll know there’s not many times i’ve been without her.

Making the decision to leave your child

At Pops last health visitor check I was told that she’s eager to learn and I should start taking her to a play group – the one you leave them at. They may tell everyone that but it’s something i was thinking about for a while.

Thinking and doing are different things though!

I had a little look around and spoke to some people and found a highly recommended one about 10 minutes walk away.

Cost for half a day, £7 – Peace and quiet for that time, Priceless. I’m joking.


I’m really nervous at the thought of leaving my baby with a stranger. I always thought I’d be one of those mums that were happy when their little one started preschool (lets face it, I could do with the break) I even joked about it – A LOT.

I’m doing this (I tell myself) for her. For my little girl to grow and learn. To gain skills she’ll need to start preschool in September. Only 7 months away (including summer holidays) WOW. I have a daughter that will be starting preschool in 7 months, thats come around quick.

I’m going to visit the group and see how I feel about it, see if its a good fit for us.


Did you put your little one into playgroup?


Until the next post,

Are and Pops.

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