LOL Surprise! Dolls Review

I’m sure you’ve seen and heard of LOL surprise dolls but have you seen just how many types there are now?

LOL surprise! pets.

With 35+ pets to find including cats, bunnies, hamsters and dogs kids will have a great time trying to collect them all. Unwrap the 7 layers to find a different surprise in each one. Unlike the LOL surprise dolls the pets come with a litter box you can scoop away at to find surprises. Once you’ve revealed your LOL surprise pet it’s time to check if it cry’s, spits, tinkles or colour changes. This isn’t my favourite part of the toy but Pops loves finding out which it is.


Find this one in Smyths for £9.99

LOL Confetti Pop –

With over 35 new dolls to collect 9 surprise layers and new exciting way to reveal your LOL surprise doll this is the perfect treat for little ones. I love the idea of the confetti pop, although it’s a bit messy it’s fun and adds more to the toy. You can reuse the pop after too by resetting it. Like the pets you feed your doll water to see what water surprise you get. Cry, spit, tinkle or colour change?

Get this from The Entertainer for £11.

LOL Pearl Surprise Doll and Accessories

If you’re looking for something a bit bigger and with a wow factor for your LOL surprise Fan this definitely has it. Open up the 6 pearl surprise balls and then use the shell fizzer to reveal your LOL surprise doll – in this you’ll find a limited edition LOL doll and LIL Sister! Like all LOL surprises you can reuse the shell as a stand and with this one the large case can be used as a purse. Perfect for keeping your little ones Dolls safe (and in one place to stop the mess). I put this in the bath but Pops told me after that normally people just put them in a bowl of water so yeah, maybe just do that with yours!


These are in Argos for £29.99

Although LOL surprise dolls can cost more than your usual pocket money toy they definitely give more for the money. I only wish it didn’t have a water element because I can imagine that would mean they wouldn’t last as long before they go all gross.

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Are and Pops.

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