Lush Spa Cardiff – The new store!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love lush!

The store. the smells. the staff. the ethics. The everything – so when I was invited along to another event I jumped at the chance (literally,most likely) unlike the Christmas event when I took pops along this was something I wanted to enjoy on my own (I’m glad I didn’t take her because although the store is MUCH bigger it was really busy)

I arrived a little early and got to witness the store take a photo all together before hand. It was lovely to see how excited they were for the new store.

lush spa cardiff store front

We were greeted with a candy floss drink (a drink poured over candy floss which I had to drink straight away and get no pics of) and smiley faces.

Straight away you can tell what an upgrade the new store is, brighter, more space and ACTUAL sinks (no more metal bowls thanks) It’s a lot like the oxfords street store.

I had a little walk round at first and took in all the new and old products and then was grabbed (not literally) by Jade (Lush employee) she showed me round a bit more telling me about the new products and displays they have. It always amazes me how knowledgeable their staff are, that and how much they seem to enjoy working there.

I went to help make some ‘rosy cheeks’ face mask. I’m not convinced it’s the best for my skin but it’s definitely my favourite to sit and smell – I got to take home a little sample pot of my creation too!

We talked about the soaps, including their ‘Gourmet Soap’ range. I tend to prefer liquid hand soap but there’s something about lush soap that’s so appealing . I think the whole big block being cut into chunks like cheese.

Moving from one section to the next you can tell how much attention to detail there is. I love the witty comments on each section relating to their products. Lush do names and design so well I’m not surprised!

After I had a look around the new spa Jade took me over to the skin care. We discussed my skin and the ways I take care of it (or don’t take care of it) she laid out a few products (I’ve been told that many people prefer organic products like many on this list) and we sat down to try them out.

I loved this. It felt like a personal shopper experience and I could tell Jade loved the new way of doing it too. It was clear the whole way round how excited she was for the new store. It’s always so nice to see that.

I picked myself up the bath melt (my first one) and one of my fave bubble bars the comforter. Initially I went with the plan of getting Pops an Easter treat but i thought I’d let her choose her own. I know she’ll love the new store and I want an excuse to go back in soon.

Going by the amount of people who tried to enter the store before and during the event I can tell everyone is excited. The store/ spa opened up on the 31st of march (the morning after) and within hours had sold out of exclusives they had.

Have you been in yet? What are you most looking forward to seeing?

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.

We were invited along to the store but all opinions are our own.

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